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These discussion groups give you the opportunity to discuss speech and language therapy with other RCSLT members. To see or join a discussion group please click on the 'My details' tab at the top of the screen and then click on 'My interests' in the Menu to see what we know you are interested in. If all your interests are not listed, click 'Add a new interest' and select from the drop-down list and press 'Save'. When you next visit these discussion groups you should see that you have access to discussions relating to your interest areas.

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Groups to which you are subscribed Threads Last Post
Resources 8 21 March 2017, 10:10am
Parents 1 04 June 2014, 10:17am
Cough reflex testing 4 10 August 2015, 12:55pm
7-day working 1 19 May 2015, 9:19am
Swallowing Assessment 2 27 April 2017, 11:17am
Conversation partners 1 21 May 2014, 10:43am
Cups 1 21 May 2014, 10:38am
Teacher training 2 29 September 2014, 5:31pm
Screening for AHP rehabilitation 1 25 April 2014, 2:26pm
Fluency disorders services 1 25 April 2014, 2:03pm
Synkinesis 1 16 April 2014, 2:49pm
Therapeutic Speech Massage 1 16 April 2014, 2:40pm
Blank language levels 1 08 April 2014, 4:59pm
Adult voice therapy 1 05 May 2015, 5:59pm
Tracheostomy 2 26 January 2017, 10:18pm
Class reunion 1 29 January 2014, 4:05pm
Exit criteria 1 29 January 2014, 10:34am
Business plan for outpatient clinic 1 29 January 2014, 10:20am
Non-English info sheets 1 29 January 2014, 10:07am
Instrumentation / apps in ENT 1 26 January 2016, 10:25am
PODD books 1 29 May 2015, 3:07pm
Working overseas 6 26 August 2016, 10:58am
Storytelling/Narrative packs 3 08 December 2015, 10:01am
Prioritisation 2 28 January 2014, 11:21am
Outcomes measures 2 01 March 2017, 2:37pm
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