2007 HPC registration renewal: start planning now

Are your name and address details up to date with the HPC?

The HPC renewal process for SLTs takes place between July and 30 September 2007 and you will receive your registration renewal form in late June or early July.

If you do not receive your registration renewal form it is your responsibility to contact the HPC to request one.

In 2005 over 900 SLTs were deregistered many because of problems with the registration process - some had not given the HPC their new address and some did not sign the form.

If you are deregistered it can take up to a fortnight before you get back on the HPC register, as you will have to get your GP to sign forms and obtain references.

You will not be able to work as an SLT if you are not on the HPC register. Consequently, you risk being suspended from work or having to work as assistants, on an assistant's pay, until you are back on the register.

Some SLTs also faced disciplinary hearings as failure to maintain HPC registration was seen as a breach of contract.

In order to renew your registration you need to:

  • pay your registration fees; AND
  • sign and return the declaration form stating that you continue to meet HPC standards

Consider sending your renewal form by registered post, so you will have a receipt.

Please note: you must return the form, even if you are paying by direct debit. The HPC may continue to take your registration fee by direct debit in August, but this is not a guarantee they have received your form.

If the HPC does not receive your payment and form, it will write to remind you, and tell you the final deadline by which it must receive payment and your renewal form.

After this date, you will be removed from the Register and will not be able to practise using a protected title.

A condition of your registration is that you keep the HPC informed when you change address or contact details.

Please ensure it has your most up-to-date contact address so that you receive your form as soon as possible. You can do this by letter or by telephoning the UK registration department (tel: 0845 3004 472 between 8.30am and 5.30pm).

The current processing time for renewal applications is approximately five to seven working days.

The HPC has told the RCSLT that if someone returns their documents in the last two weeks of September there is a good chance their registration will not be processed before the deadline because of the volume of registrations they have to process.

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