RCSLT professional standards

The RCSLT has developed Communicating Quality 3, the third edition of its range of professional standards for SLTs. CQ3 provides information that will contribute to decision-making and the delivery of high quality services.

These standards cover:

  • Commissioners' decisions on services
  • Help to shape clients' expectations
  • Support for members of the profession in appropriate models of care
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Clinical decision-making


Communicating Quality 3

December 2014

The RCSLT is withdrawing the current version of Communicating Quality 3 (2006). This is to avoid members referring to information that is out of date or has been superseded by new RCSLT guidance. In the interim, members are asked to refer to the RCSLT website for the latest information.

A Steering Group, reporting to the Board of Trustees, has been set up to oversee the development of Communicating Quality Live (CQ Live). Get involved with the development of CQ Live.

In the interim, this page will signpost members to more up to date information and resources. It is currently in development, so please keep checking it for updates.

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