RCSLT professional standards

The RCSLT has developed Communicating Quality 3, the third edition of its range of professional standards for SLTs. CQ3 provides information that will contribute to decision-making and the delivery of high quality services.

These standards cover:

  • Commissioners' decisions on services
  • Help to shape clients' expectations
  • Support for members of the profession in appropriate models of care
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Clinical decision-making


Communicating Quality 3

To become certified RCSLT members, SLTs declare their adherence to the RCSLT publication Communicating Quality 3: RCSLT's guidance on best practice in service organisation and provision.

The text sets out to:

  • inform members of the profession and their colleagues of current guidance and standards related to the organisation, provision and development of speech and language therapy services; as well as the staff systems that underpin such provision
  • inform the process of commissioning and purchasing of speech and language therapy services
  • inform users and their representatives of the standards they can expect speech and language therapy services to meet.

All new certified RCSLT members will receive a copy of Communicating Quality 3.

Copies can be purchased for £39.99 (inc VAT) plus P&P by contacting the RCSLT.

CQ3 can also be downloaded for free by RCSLT members.

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