The trustees’ role (who are also the legal directors of the company) is primarily to ensure good governance of the organisation.

They also provide appropriate representation of the views of members at a strategic level on the Board and take account of the financial and business implications of any decisions they make.

The trustees conduct regular horizon scanning, and have a comprehensive three-year strategic plan containing high-level objectives which is kept under regular review at each Board meeting.

The role of the chief executive and staff members is to implement these objectives.

The role of the Board is to:

  • Give strategic direction to the RCSLT
  • Set the organisation’s values and standards
  • Ensure compliance with its governing documents and relevant legislation
  • Ensure that the RCSLT pursues its objectives as defined in its governing document
  • Ensure that the RCSLT is a responsive and supportive organisation that promotes member and user engagement
  • Ensure that the RCSLT applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate scheme of delegation to its sub-committees and Senior Management Team
  • Be collectively responsible for adding value to the organisation
  • Provide active leadership
  • Safeguard the RCSLT’s assets
  • Promote diversity and equality

The committees report to the Board. The CEO and senior managers attend the board to provide input as necessary. The Board meets four times per year.

Current Board members

The current Board members are:

Mrs Morag Dorward – Chair

Dr Della Money – Deputy Chair

Mrs Lorna Bailey – Honorary Treasurer

Ms Mary Heritage – Chair, Professional Practice and Policy Committee

Ms Helen Rae – Country Representative for England

Mrs Catherine Dunnet – Country Representative for Scotland

Ms Rosalind Kyle - Country Representative for Northern Ireland

Mrs Christine Dowle – Country Representative for Wales

Dr Rebecca Palmer – Trustee for Research

Mrs Maggie Cooper – General Trustee

Mrs Ann Whitehorn – General Trustee

Professor Caroline Pickstone – General Trustee

Ms Nikki Richardson – Lay member (HR/OD)

Mr John Humphrey – Lay member (digital)

The Terms of Reference of the Board:

Recent Board minutes: