Finance and Resources Committee (FRC)

The FRC is responsible to the Board for overseeing all matters of finance, investments, contracting and tendering, risk management (FRC elements), HR, IT infrastructure, buildings and facilities, membership administration and Heritage work.

It has delegated powers up to approved limits to commit expenditure, invest assets and approve policies, and makes recommendations to the Board for other matters as set out in the Board's scheme of delegation. It meets four times a year.

FRC members currently are:

  • Lorna Bailey (Trustee - Hon. Treasurer)
  • Susan Balgarnie
  • Lorna Povey
  • Helen Anderson
  • Peta Cook
  • Amanda Smith

Professional Practice and Policy Committee (PPPC)

The PPPC considers and makes recommendations upon matters relating to professional practice, standards, policy and public affairs, and ensures that the perspective of members and service users in the four UK nations is taken into account, in the development and pursuit of the strategic aims and objectives of the RCSLT and in supporting the Board.

The PPPC debates current and future cross-cutting issues in sufficient depth to inform policy decisions by the Board.

In the process of consideration, discussion and debate, the PPPC consults with other RCSLT committees and groups and with the wider membership. It meets three times a year.

PPPC members are:

  • Mary Heritage (Trustee - Chair)
  • Rebecca Palmer (Trustee for Research)
  • Jan Baerselman
  • Annabelle Burns
  • Lisa Chess
  • Judy Clegg
  • Sarah James
  • Theresa Redmond
  • Sylvia Taylor-Goh
  • Jill Titterington
  • Suzi Woodhouse
  • Eve Baird
  • Jemma Haines
  • Vicky Slonims
  • Jennie Vitkovitch

Digital Strategy Oversight Committee (DSOC)

The DSOC’s role is to oversee the development and implementation of the RCSLT’s digital strategy at a high level, ensuring the best member digital experience. The DSOC meets monthly and is comprised of three Trustees and an expert RCSLT member.

DSOC members are:

  • John Humphrey (Digital lay trustee)
  • Lorna Bailey (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Dr Sean Pert (expert member)
  • Niki Richardson (lay trustee)
  • Terms of Reference and Committee composition

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