RCSLT - legal structure

The Charity is known as the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (the RCSLT); registered number 273724. It is a registered charity in Scotland, registered number SC041191.

The RCSLT is also a company limited by guarantee, registered number 518344, and therefore has no share capital. In the event of its winding up, the members' liability is limited to £1 per member. The Memorandum and Articles of Association, which were last amended at AGM on 7 October 2015, govern the RCSLT.

It has a trading arm, known as CSLT Trading Ltd; registered number 0268820.

Governance structure

The Board of Trustees (the Board) is the highest governing body of the RCSLT. There are four subordinate governing committees: the Finance and Resources Committee (FRC), Professional Practice and Policy Committee (PPPC), Digital Strategy Oversight Committee (DSOC) and the Honours Committee.

In addition, Hub Forums, whose purpose is to engage with members in each UK country, advise the Board, but are not in themselves governing committees.

The trustees’ role (who are also the legal directors of the company) is primarily to ensure good governance of the organisation.

They also provide appropriate representation of the views of members at a strategic level on the Board and take account of the financial and business implications of any decisions they make.

The trustees conduct regular horizon scanning, and have a comprehensive three-year strategic plan containing high-level objectives which is kept under regular review at each Board meeting.

The role of the chief executive and staff members is to implement these objectives.

The governance structure is shown below.


Memorandum and Articles, which are the prime governing document of the RCSLT, can be found here

The Bylaws, which are subsidiary governing rules approved by the Board, can be found here.

Minutes of recent Annual General Meetings:

Recent Trustees Annual Reports: