Enquiry Response Service

The RCSLT Enquiry Response Service provides a comprehensive information service on all aspects of speech and language therapy and related professional matters, to both its members and non-members which include:

  • professional advice
  • CPD
  • working in the UK & abroad
  • returning to work
  • employment relations.

The Enquiries Coordinator:

  • has access to a wide range of quality information, in a variety of formats to help enquirers identify and explore appropriate opportunities.

  • will respond within two working days to requests for information, when that information is readily held within RCSLT.  Where information has to be sourced from elsewhere or through specialist advisors this may take up to seven working days. All enquiries are directed to the most appropriate person.

  • will respond within two working days to your email. If you haven't received a response within this time it may be due to technical difficulties, so please call 020 7378 3012.

Contact the RCSLT Enquiries Coordinator:

Enquiries Coordinator,
Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists,
2 White Hart Yard,

Tel: 020 7378 3012

The RCSLT is committed to:

  • providing professional, comprehensive & timely responses to all enquiries received
  • treating users of the service and each other, politely with compassion and consideration at all times
  • providing impartial, objective, transparent, accessible and confidential information and guidance
  • promoting equality of opportunity to both members and non-members.

While the Enquiries Coordinator is able to provide information on a wide range of issues they are not able to provide advice on specific clinical issues.

The RCSLT does have access to a wealth of professional advisers and experts from a variety of clinical areas that can be called on to advise on areas of best practice.

Where we are unable to provide users with the depth of response or information needed, a referral will be made to an appropriate member of staff or external advisor.

Complaints and suggestions

The Enquiry Response Service is here to ensure that all enquiries are comprehensively addressed in a professional and timely manner.

If we have got something wrong, we’re keen to hear about it so it can be rectified. Equally, if we’ve been particularly good at something, we’d like to hear from you. Through feedback we are able to shape the service the way you’d like it to be.

Please contact us via email info@rcslt.org or by calling 020 7378 3012.

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