New web content for topics

If you'd like to be involved in the development of web content for a new or existing topic, please view the list of current and upcoming projects. You will find a link to further details and the member of staff you can speak to.


Key roles and responsibilities


Role          Key responsibilities  Remuneration arrangements

Lead Author

(1x per topic) 

- Agree and complete the scope form and work plan, with support
from the supporting author(s) and RCSLT Project Coordinator.

- Undertake research, consult with supporting authors and prepare
draft webpage using template provided.

- Review and incorporate feedback from peer reviewes to prepare final
version, with support from the supporting authors.

 - Paid role
 - £350 per day
 - Total number of days varies
according to topic


Supporting Author
(1-2 x per topic)


 - Take part in three 1 hour meetings (face-to-face or virtual) to discuss
and agree: (i) Scope, (ii) Content (iii) Review feedback from the peer

- Undertake some pre-meeting preparation as required.

- Sign off the final version, alongside the lead author, prior to publication


The number of supporting authors will depend upon the complexity of the topic

- Unpaid role

- Reimbursement for meeting expenses
(travel and subsistence)

Peer Reviewer
(2 x per topic as appropriate)

- Review and provide feedback on the draft webpages written by lead author and supporting

 - Unpaid role


Please note:  A project coordinator will support the lead author and will be responsible for the day to day management of the project, ensuring the webpages are developed in accordance with the agreed RCSLT process.

  • Timeframes and commitment

Timeframes will be confirmed during the design stage, but it usually takes approximately five months to develop a particular topic on the RCSLT website.

Please only apply for the role,  if
you're able to commit to working on the project over this time period. At the start of the project, it will be categorised as high, medium or low, depending on the complexity of the topic/the amount of work required by the lead author.

  • Development process

Timeframes will be confirmed when appointed, but it usually takes approximately four months to develop a particular topic on the RCSLT website.

Download the document detailing the development process for topics on the RCSLT website.

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