Board of Trustees

The RCSLT Trustees for 2017-2018 are as follows:

  • Chair, Della Money
  • Deputy Chair, Mary Heritage
  • Hon Treasurer, Richard Fass
  • Trustee for Research and Development, Rebecca Palmer
  • Country Representative for England, Helen Rae
  • Country Representative for Scotland, Catherine Dunnet
  • Country Representative for Wales, Christine Dowle
  • Country Representative for Northern Ireland, Rosalind Kyle
  • Trustee, Mary Heritage
  • Trustee, Ann Whitehorn
  • Trustee, Maggie Cooper
  • Trustee, Caroline Pickstone
  • Lay member, Leasil Burrow
  • Lay member, John Humprey

RCSLT Memorandum and Articles, and Bylaws



RCSLT AGM minutes

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