Overseas qualified SLTs

The RCSLT has set standards for the SLT workforce that may exceed the threshold standards set by the regulator (HCPC). The regulatory standards are largely generic and are applied for all allied health professionals. In order to uphold standards for the SLT workforce, the RCSLT may recommend that additional training be included in the competence framework.

Under current arrangements, overseas qualified practitioners (OQPs) are entered into the supervised category of RCSLT membership when they first join when entering the UK.  These entrants to the profession are expected to complete up to one year in a clinical setting under supervision before being given certified RCSLT membership. This timeframe is given as a guide and may vary according to the individual.   

This competency-based transitional framework for OQPs sets out a balanced set of clear expectations and standards, the framework can be used to support learning and development specific to practice in the UK context. It will also support you with your continuing professional development (CPD) by informing you about the competency framework that underpins the RCSLT CPD requirements.You can use the RCSLT CPD diary to record your CPD and your progress through the competency framework.

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