RCSLT Strategic Plan

The RCSLT Strategic Plan is a road map which sets out where we are as a profession and where we want to be by 2018. The RCSLT current strategic plan runs from 2015-18. It breaks into three main areas: the mission, the vision and the focus areas for how we achieve the mission and vision.

Mission: To ensure better lives for people with communication and swallowing needs

Vision: To be the professional body that promotes excellence and supports speech and language therapy

Focus areas:

  • Development of quality services
  • Leadership and resilience
  • Workforce
  • People and communities
  • The wider policy context
  • To be an organisation that members are proud of 

Here are the focus areas in detail:

Development of quality services support members to critically evaluate, promote and improve their services
  promote the use of outcomes measures throughout the profession
  build the research capacity of the profession
  create opportunities for research at national and international levels
  support members to use and contribute to evidence based practice in the delivery of interventions and the design of service models
  support members to take advantage of all resources, including technology 
Leadership and resilience support SLTs to become leaders
  promote the development of resilience in SLT communities
  support members to develop robust business skills
Workforce become an intelligence resource regarding workforce trends to influence and inform national and local workforce planning
  seek to ensure that pre-registration and post-registration training is relevant and responsive to the changing environment
  harness and disseminate innovations linked to workforce transformation
  support members throughout their careers to develop their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of their service users and regulatory requirements
People and communities build and lead positive relationships with people, communities and representative organisations
  promote engagement through inclusive communication
The wider policy context support and empower our members in becoming influential
  influence at a national level, taking people, communities and members voices to the heart of Parliaments and Assemblies and governments
  develop our broader evidence and resources to underpin our influencing
  respond effectively and develop proactive positions across a range of policy areas
 To be an organisation that members are proud of enhance our communication and its relevance with and between members
  promote the RCSLT as the trusted go-to authority on matters relating to SLT in the UK
  develop and promote the member offer so that members feel the RCSLT is value for money
  be a diverse, progressive and dynamic organisation
  ensure that the governance of the RCSLT is sound and in accordance with the law and best practice
  ensure that the finances of the RCSLT are sound and that they are managed in the most efficient manner as possible




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