Adult respiratory care overview

Speech and language therapy is continually evolving, with new roles developing to fit changing needs and emerging evidence; the SLT's role in adult respiratory care is one of these.

As adult respiratory care is an emerging clinical area, resources are under constant review to ensure advice is regulated. The RCSLT’s vision is that the respiratory speech and language therapy role will become established practice, supported by regulatory standards, policy statements, position papers, robust evidence, training opportunities and competency frameworks.

Key points:

  • Speech and language therapy services for people with respiratory care needs is provided within an integrated multidisciplinary context.

  • All people with idiopathic or refractory chronic cough, vocal cord dysfunction or dysphagia in respiratory care should have access to an appropriate respiratory speech and language therapy service.

  • SLT services engage in evolving the respiratory SLT role through continuous appraisal of service provision and skill mix.

  • The speech and language therapy profession has a responsibility to work towards improved clinical audit and research in the field of respiratory speech and language therapy. This will influence future clinical guidelines and commissioning of new services.

  • Standardised training and competencies for the respiratory SLT role need to be agreed to ensure professional integrity.

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