Supporting people with CSN

The Talk for Scotland toolkit describes six communication support principles.

These principles have been developed by speech and language therapists in consultation with a broad spectrum of people with CSN. The principles represent the basic and general guidance for all those supporting people with CSN.

Each of these principles has implications for those implementing the Adult Support and Protection Act.

Find out about the implications and suggested actions for those implementing the ASP Act.

Communication support principles 1 - 6

  • Principle 1: Recognise that every community or group may include people with communication support needs 

  • Principle 2: Find out what support is required

  • Principle 3: Match the way you communicate to the ways people understand

  • Principle 4: Respond sensitively to all the ways an individual uses to express themselves 

  • Principle 5: Give people the opportunity to communicate to the best of their abilities

  • Principle 6: Keep trying.

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