A resource for CPD CQ Live scenarios

Our practice-based scenarios cover a broad range of subjects you may encounter in your professional life, including issues relating to:

  • professionalism
  • technology
  • information governance.

See the full list of CQ Live scenariosA-Z | by subject.

Use the scenarios to guide your thoughts or to prompt discussion with your colleagues. Use them on your own, with a colleague or supervisor, or in groups, for example as part of a Hub or CEN.

The scenarios reflect the CQ Live key areas of professional practice, each providing a tricky work-based problem for you to think through:

  • what issues do you need to consider?                                
  • what steps should you take next?
  • further things you should consider, such as the legal frameworks, local guidance and good practice, with supporting sources of information.

There are also links to CQ Live key areas of professional practice and HCPC standards.


Once you have completed any of the scenarios, please update your CPD diary, as this counts towards your CPD.

Questions, comments or improvements?

If you have comments or questions about these scenarios, email us or phone 020 7378 3012. If you have any suggestions for future scenarios or ideas to improve our existing scenarios, we would welcome your input.

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