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Further to the success of the anti-racism event held in Sussex in December 2021, SLTs and SLT assistants based in Sussex are invited to this 2022 event.

This workshop will offer an opportunity to take stock of ‘where people are at’ in their teams followed by focused learning and discussion on allyship and intersectionality. It is aimed at speech and language therapists as well as any speech and language therapy support staff.

You will be discussing issues with SLT colleagues in breakout groups.

This important programme of learning, developed with RCSLT anti-racism group members, aims to bring us together as a profession in Sussex.

The programme of learning aims to:

  • Build shared knowledge of the importance of anti-racism, diversity and inclusion within the profession and for our service users.
  • Understand where we are as a profession and where we want to be.
  • Recognise how intersectionality affects people every day.
  • Reflect upon how we can be actively anti-racist by becoming an ally.
  • Build on our practices in teams around cultural inquisitiveness.
  • Begin to make a commitment to ensuring that conversations around
    race are live and present.

Download the event programme (PDF)

If you are an SLT or SLT assistant not based in Sussex but interested in attending this workshop in hopes to replicate this event in your local area, please contact charlotte.rose2@spft.nhs.uk.