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Towards a diverse profession
29 August 2019
13.00 – 13.45

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The transcript and presentation will be available in due course

Hear from those that attended the workshop:

James Smithson, MSc Student 

“As one of only five male students on the MSc Speech and Language therapy course at City, University of London, I was keen to explore why so few men join the profession. The diversity workshop not only gave me a chance to share my own experiences, but allowed us to discuss strategies aimed at improving awareness of the scientific and medical underpinnings of our role as healthcare professionals, enabling others to recognise speech and language therapy as a viable and rewarding profession, no matter what their gender, ethnic identity or social class. I’m proud to have been a part of the day and look forward to seeing the positive influence this has on future generations of SLTs.”

Warda Farah, Independent SLT and co-founder of Language Waves

“The RCSLT workshop on diversity was an exciting, refreshing and cathartic experience. Honest, open conversations were had about the lack of diversity in our profession at all levels. The day was full of therapists who felt compelled to exchange very intimate and personal challenges they have faced throughout their journey. Holding an event like this, which can usually make people uncomfortable, is a brave step in the right direction. It is clear that the RCSLT is motivated and keen to tackle issues faced by its members. Leaving the event I was filled with hope and strongly believe that the RSCLT is fully committed to champion change for all therapists.”

Jack Griffiths, student SLT

“I found the discussions and the whole day incredibly insightful! In particular, I took part in the group discussing gender, focusing mainly on getting more men into the profession. Not only do I feel as though I contributed well in all the discussions I took part in, I feel as though what has been said on promoting speech and language therapy to attract a younger audience will be taken forward, with the aim of achieving a diverse profession!”

The recording, presentation and transcript will be available in due course.

Webinar details

This free webinar was chaired by Derek Munn, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, RCSLT, and will featured presentations by:

  • Warda Farah, Independent Speech and Language Therapist, Language Waves
  • James Smithson, MSc Speech and Language Therapy Student and Programme Representative
  • Berenice Napier, Policy Adviser, RCSLT

Learning aims

By watching this webinar, delegates will:

  • Hear about the discussion and outcomes of the RCSLT workshop, ‘Towards a diverse profession’, held on 26th June
  • Have an opportunity to reflect on some of the shared experiences about diversity we heard on the day
  • Learn about the next stages of the project and how to get involved

The webinar will be of interest to you if:

  • You want to understand the breadth of social, cultural and diversity issues that contribute to why speech and language therapy is little known as a profession among young people
  • You want to see a change in the diversity of the profession and understand why it  does not reflect the diversity of populations it serves
  • You want to be involved in work that seeks to address those issues
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