RCSLT workshop: the future of speech and language therapy

23 June 2021, 1pm–2pm

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Help shape a vision for the future of speech and language therapy

The RCSLT is updating its strategic vision for the profession, and we want to hear from all members to inform this work. We’ll be holding a virtual session with you soon to hear your ideas. Ahead of that, please take a few minutes to consider the following questions and discuss them with your colleagues so that you will be ready to respond on the day.

  • Looking ahead: We’ll be asking for your ideas about what you see coming over the horizon – the key trends that will impact us as a profession over the next 5 to 10 years. This is not just about speech and language therapy – though that’s very important – but also about wider issues, such as politics, technology, society and health care.
  • Vision: We’ll be asking about your vision for the profession. The questions to consider in advance: If we are successful as a profession, what changes will we see? What will the world look like as a result? What are your definitions of success?
  • Next steps: We’ll ask you to share ideas for how we can achieve this vision. The question to think about: What does the profession need to do to realise our ambitions? What steps can we take over the next 5 years?

Workshop sessions

As this workshop will include a digital workshop tool, we strongly suggest you join this event with an additional screen for the workshop, or with your phone or device to hand as an additional tool.

You will be invited to input ideas and to vote on themes, and this may be difficult to do if you plan to join just on your phone or handheld device.

Help shape the future of allied health professions in England

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