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RCSLT and BSA, MPC and ASC webinar: Giving Voice to stammering
Monday 28 October 2019

This free webinar was chaired by Derek Munn, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, RCSLT, and featured presentations by:

  • Steven Gauge, CEO, Action for Stammering Children
  • Elaine Kelman, Head of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering, Whittington Health NHS Trust
  • Rachel Everard, Service Director, British Stammering Association
  • Abed Ahmed, Secondary School  Maths Teacher, Washwood Heath Academy, Stetchford; and Trustee for the British Stammering Association

The transcript and Q&A will be available in due course.

Aims and objectives

Learning aims

By watching this webinar, delegates will:

Hear about how speech and language therapists work with and can support people who stammer

  • Learn about what the British Stammering Association and Action for Stammering Children are doing to bring about change for the better
  • Hear first-hand the experience of living with a stammer
  • Learn some basic dos and don’ts for speaking to or working with people with stammer

The webinar will be of interest to you if you:

  • Have a stammer or know someone who does
  • Are a speech and language therapist, or other health and care professional, who works with people who stammer
  • Would like information on the work of organisations who support people with a stammer
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