Implementing practice placements with EDS difficulties

24 June, 4pm – 5pm

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Join Judith Broll, director of professional development at the RCSLT, and Hannah Crawford, acting lead for AHPs and social work at Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation trust and lead author of the competency framework  as they discuss the importance of evidencing learning on practice placements and activities that may be undertaken by learners.

By attending this event, delegates will:

  • Hear about the competency framework from one of the authors
  • Understand more about what will be expected from clinicians and practice educators when they take on a learner
  • Have an opportunity to feed into the next steps with regard to the EDS competencies piece of work


In light of feedback from service managers across the UK, Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) international partners and experience from COVID-19,  it has highlighted  that the SLT profession requires a larger, more EDS trained workforce.  It became clear that the issue of future proofing the profession through pre-registration training in EDS difficulties was becoming  an imperative.

We therefore need to ensure uniformity of EDS competencies that are delivered at the point of graduation across the UK, to ensure all learners graduate with the same baseline knowledge and skills in EDS. Ensuring that they are aligned with those delivered by our international colleagues is an additional benefit.

Health Education England (HEE) are supporting the RCSLT to deliver entry-level EDS competencies in pre-registration education and training by 2026. Although supported by HEE, this is a UK-wide initiative.

The primary audience for these webinars  is practice educators and potential practice educators, and we also welcome HEI staff, students and any interested colleagues

The webinar series will feature the following opportunities to hear more about this programme of work: