28 April 2021

9.15am – 4pm

Join the London ASD CEN for a full-day meeting. Presentations and discussions will include:

  • Impact of COVID-19 digital practice on UK paediatric ASD speech and language therapy, Rafiah Patel, highly specialist SLT and NIHR clinical doctoral research fellow
  • Discussion on ways of practising implemented during COVID-19 which we will continue to use post pandemic, ASD CEN members, facilitated by CEN committee
  • School refusal behaviour in students with ASD, frequency and characteristics, Dr Ellen Kathrine Munkhaugen, Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities
  • Investigating subtle language and communication difficulties for autistic females and males without learning disability: findings from across three research studies, Dr Alexandra Sturrock, clinical lecturer, highly specialist SLT with research interests in autism
  • Autism and adulthood: Transitions from a personal perspective, Paul Isaacs, autism training consultant, speaker trainer, author and patron at Thomley Families

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