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RCSLT West Midlands Hub Day 2021

COVID-19: What have we learned, and where are we now?

13.15 – 16.00

Join the West Midlands Hub to hear presentations and join discussions about the response to COVID-19 in the West Midlands. There are lots of things to celebrate, including the phenomenal response from the SLT profession, innovations and advocacy, amidst all the difficulties associated with the pandemic.

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Share your experiences

The past year has been an incredibly challenging one, but the profession has risen to the challenge. In order to share widely the experiences of teams across the West Midlands, we would like to invite you to send in a single power point slide addressing:

  • Background information (about the service being accessed or that you are working within)
  • What impact did Covid-19 have on access or delivery of the service
  • What was the response to Covid-19
  • Where are you now and what will you take forward

Please email your slides or any queries to Gill Rudd via gillian.rudd@bcu.ac.uk

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