Research and practice in language and communication parent-mediated interventions for pre-school children

12pm – 2.30pm

Facilitating parents to support and deliver their child’s therapy has the potential to allow for: greater language gains, more intensive intervention, support generalisation gains from direct therapy with an SLT into a child’s everyday environments and facilitate a more efficient use of resources.

This hub event will look at the evidence for parent-mediated intervention for language and communication and how these approaches can be applied to preschool children with autism, socially disadvantaged children, children with Down Syndrome and late talkers.

Download the programme (PDF).

Consider this free CPD event if you are a SLT working with young children and:

  • Interested in working with parents – virtually or face to face
  • Curious to find out more about parent- mediated interventions (parent-child interaction therapies)
  • Want to keep up to date with latest evidence around parent-mediated interventions
  • Or if you are a service manager/practice owner looking to include parent-mediated intervention in your service.