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Supporting people with speech, language and communication needs in the justice system
17 September 2018

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Webinar details

The RCSLT is delighted to have hosted a webinar with the Association of YOT Managers to highlight:

  • The impact of speech language and communication needs (SLCN) in the justice system
  • How speech and language therapists support individuals and other professionals in the justice system
  • What support is available for professionals to increase their understanding and knowledge

The webinar recording, transcript and further resources will be of interest to you if you:

Would like information on how speech language and communication needs can be supported in the justice system

Webinar chair: Claire Moser, RCSLT Policy Adviser


Diz Minnitt, Operational Manager, Milton Keynes Youth Offending Team

Lisa Ogden, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Sutton Youth Offending Team

Learning aims

After watching the webinar, participants will:

  • Understand SLCN, know how to recognise the signs and know where to go for support
  • Know how to use screening tools effectively to check for SLCN
  • Be aware of different support strategies to help people SLCN needs to understand and engage in the justice process
  • Understand the legal responsibilities justice professionals have when working with people with SLCN

Further resources

Association of Youth Offending Team Managers

The Box Learning Journey (free for member and non-members)

Open The Box to develop your understanding of communication difficulties; see the possible impact on individuals you work with and learn about strategies to help.  Free elearning designed for professionals working in the justice sector.

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