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26 June 2019

The RCSLT is committed to increasing the profile of speech and language therapy as an appealing career option for young people. We want to work towards diversifying the profession so that it better reflects the population it serves, and would like your help in getting there.

By attending the workshop delegates:

  • Explored the reasons why speech and language therapy is little known as a profession among young people and to developed ideas and actions to increase recognition.
  • Explored the reasons why the speech and language therapy profession does not reflect the diversity of populations it serves and developed ideas and actions that seek to address those issues.
  • Developed actions which recognise the social complexity of the issues and the wider impacts on diversity and career choice that exist within families and communities.

Event resources

A Basecamp group has been set up as a post-workshop activity forum.  If you would be interested in joining, please download and fill out the basecamp application form and email it to hubs@rcslt.org

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