e-job planning project

The purpose of this project is to develop resources to support speech and language therapists with e-job planning and to share examples of e-job plans for SLTs. This project aims to support SLTs across the UK working both within and outside of the NHS.

NHS England describes job plans as:

“a prospective, professional agreement describing each employee’s duties, responsibilities, accountabilities and objectives. It describes how an employee’s working time will be used according to the specific categories of direct clinical care (DCC), specified supporting professional activities (SPA) and other activities such as additional NHS responsibilities (ANR) and externally funded duties (ED).”

Job plans are created on an annual basis and then implemented on a daily/weekly basis. Monitoring should be conducted to ensure that job plans can be adapted to meet service needs.

Our current guidance on staffing and resourcing is available on our website. NHS England guidance ‘Allied health professionals job planning: a best practice guide’ can be accessed from the resources section of this guidance.

As a first step for this project we are keen to hear from:

  • SLTs who are currently using a job plan within their role
  • Service leads who are implementing job plans within their team

Please get in touch if you have an example job plan you would be happy to share or if you are able to discuss the approach your team has taken with implementing job plans.

For more information on this project, please contact nikki.gratton@rcslt.org.

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