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Key policy issues

  • Workforce planning
    The RCSLT has endorsed the STOMP campaign (Stop Over Medication of People with learning disabilities, autism or both). STOMP is a health campaign to stop the over use of psychotropic drugs to manage people’s behaviour. It's a 3 year project which runs until 2019. The RCSLT will support the STOMP by raising awareness of STOMP LD amongst the SLT profession as a whole. Download the STOMP poster  |  Read more on STOMP's core messages

Campaigns and projects

  • Work and Health
    The RCSLT's work on supporting people into work as well as preventing them from falling out of work because of ill health or disability.

  • RCSLT new SEND report January 2017
    RCSLT is calling on the government to guarantee that local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) commission speech and language therapy services for children and young people as many are not getting the support they need. 

  • Bercow: ten years on 
    In response to concerns about the support for children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and major changes in the education and health system, I CAN, children’s communication charity and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) are undertaking a national review of support for children with SLCN in England. 

  • Student funding reforms
    The RCSLT has worked closely with staff in higher education institutions on our consultation response, using the findings of our student survey and direct member feedback to inform our policy position on the reforms.  
  • Giving Voice
    The campaign aims to ‘give voice’ to people with speech, language and communication needs – to ensure their needs, and those of their carers and families, are met. We equip our members to demonstrate locally how speech and language therapy makes a difference to individuals and society, while RCSLT officers work to engage decision makers and the media at a national level.

  • Dementia campaign
    The dementia campaign aims to raise awareness of the role of SLTs in dementia, and improve the quality of care received by people with dementia and their families.

  • Youth offenders and criminal justice
    Over 60% of people in the youth justice system have speech, language and communication problems. Improving the communication skills of offenders by providing speech and language therapy significantly reduces the risk of re-offending and increases access to rehabilitation and treatment programmes. 

  • Improvements in stroke care

All Party Parliamentary Group

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For further information about our work in the UK Parliament contact RCSLT’s Public Affairs Adviser, Peter Just, peter.just@rcslt.org.

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