Work and health

Key messages:

  • Speech, language and communication difficulties can cause a significant barrier to accessing work support services.
  • Services which aim to provide access to welfare, support people into work and / or retain people in work must mainstream inclusive communication approaches throughout their procedures.
  • All information on services must be communication accessible.
  • Front line staff should be trained and provided with resources to be able to identify and adapt their own communication to the needs of people with speech, language and communication needs.


Improving lives: The Work, health and disability green paper

The joint Department of Health and Department for Work and Pensions green paper was published in October 2016.  The Government’s aim was to improve the links between health services and employment support and to close the disability employment gap. 


The RCSLT response to the “Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper”

In our response we highlighted the lack of acknowledgement of communication disability and the challenge this presents to people with communication impairments in both entering work and remaining in work.  

The RCSLT successfully lobbying the Government to include two case studies within the Green Paper to demonstrate the effectiveness of speech and language therapy in rehabilitation: ‘Anita’ is featured on page 20; while ‘Robert’s’ case study appears on page 71.

Please do read the RCSLT bulletin article in April 2017 discussing our response 


The Council for Work and Health

The Council for Work and Health was established in 2008 as part of the Government’s response to Dame Carol Black’s 2008 report “Working for a healthier tomorrow.”  The Council comprises the professional bodies which represent those engaged in the delivery of health and wellbeing, and occupational health services, as well as others supporting work and health.  The RCSLT is delighted to be a member.  The Council provides an authoritative and representative “single voice” on health and wellbeing issues.


AHP Advisory Fitness for Work Report

The Allied Health Professions (AHP) Advisory Fitness for Work Report is an A4 form which provides an employee, their employer and GP with information on the employee’s reported problem and to help keep that employee in or return to work following illness, injury or recovery from treatment. 


Support for speech and language therapy services 


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