Introduction to workforce planning

Workforce planning is the process of ensuring that we have SLTs in the right numbers, with the right skills and right values and behaviours needed to provide high quality care.

Workforce planning is a multi-faceted issue which links to a range of topics including:

  • Education and training: the undergraduate/post-graduate curriculum, continuous professional development, standards and competencies
  • Working practices: such as the sectors SLTs work in, scope of practice (opportunities for SLTs to take on extended roles), patient safety and safe staffing, and skills mix (the range and types of levels of ability needed to deliver quality care)

At the heart of workforce planning is a desire to meet the needs of service users (both now and in the future) and provide patient centred care.

Reading and resources: what you need to know now:

As part of the RCSLT’s new programme of work regarding workforce planning we are looking at ways to support workforce transformation: opportunities for SLTs and other health professionals to work in new and radically different ways.

Over the next nine months we will be encouraging RCSLT members across all four nations of the UK to reflect upon:

  • Opportunities for workforce transformation – ideas regarding new practice, for example, areas where SLTs can take on extended roles, work in new ways with other professionals or share learnings across sectors.


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