What are the requirements for CPD?

RCSLT supports members' ongoing professional development and helps them meet the CPD requirements for both the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC):

RCSLT has an outcomes approach to CPD which requires members to maintain records of their learning impact on day-to-day practice and record their learning activity.

With this in mind the RCSLT has provided some guidance on recommended CPD hours which can be found here - CPD Hours Guide

For more information please visit our CPD webpages:

CPD Information

I’m on maternity leave/career-break - what are my CPD requirements?

In order to maintain professional registration all members are required to collect basic levels of CPD evidence. The RCSLT has provided a guide to the hours that this may equate to but these should be used as a guide only and your opportunity to access CPD should be taken into account.

CPD Hours Guide

How do I access the CPD diary?

In order to access your online CPD diary you need to register for this, this can be done by following the steps below:

  • Login to the RCSLT website and go to the members area
  • Click on ‘Professional Development’ in the blue box on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Click on ‘CPD Diary’ in the resulting light-blue box
  • Click on ‘Register for the CPD diary for the first time’
  • Complete the registration

Once you have completed this process your diary will need to be linked to your RCSLT membership data, this can take up to 10 days to link. Once it has been linked successfully you will see ‘CPD Diary’ in green appear next to your name when you login to the RCSLT website.

If this has not appeared after 10 days please do contact and we will look into this for you.

What requirements are there for supervision?

It is expected that all speech therapists at all grades have access to both managerial supervision and clinical supervision on a regular basis, the frequency of this will depend on the grade of the therapist. Therapists that have completed their competencies would be expected to have supervision no less than every 4-6 weeks (this would depend on local policies but should not exceed this time-frame) and this should include managerial and clinical supervision.


For Newly Qualified Practitioners (NQPs) completing their competencies they will require weekly supervision for the first 3 months of the framework, and then monthly thereafter, until the framework is complete.

RCSLT competency-based framework for newly-qualified practitioners

Within the NHS system there should be clear supervision policies in place locally so I would urge you to investigate these to check that they meet your requirements. If you are working for are thinking about working for an independent employer, i.e. a school or health-centre you will need to be aware of the importance of and requirement for supervision in order that you are able to discuss the provision of this with the employer. The supervision guidelines and the HCPC standards of proficiency and CPD (see links below) provide information about the requirements of speech therapists with regards to supervision. The RCSLT, in partnership with the National Association of Head Teachers have developed a set of guidelines for schools who are looking to hire speech and language therapists, to inform them of regulations and standards expected when hiring speech therapists:

Schools as commissioners

If independent employers are looking to buy in supervision for their employee there are 2 ways they can go about this;

  1. They can approach their local NHS service, they are often able to provide supervision for therapist working within these settings
  2. They can approach private therapists in their area for supervision. These can be sourced using the Association of Speech Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) website:

HCPC standards of proficiency -

HCPC standards of CPD -

I’m a newly-qualified practitioner (NQP), what are my CPD requirements?

As a newly-qualified practitioner (NQP) completing your NQP goals, you are not expected to collect any further CPD during this period. Following completion of NQP goals you will be expected to collect CPD appropriate to your working hours and in one with general CPD requirements.

Where can I find resources to support my CPD and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)?

CPD resources and suggestions

EBP resources and suggestions

Does the RCSLT accredit or endorse any courses?

The RCSLT no longer endorses or quality-assures short courses.

Can the RCSLT suggest a short course for my CPD needs?

The RCSLT no longer endorses short courses. If you are looking for short courses that you can access for CPD, then you can:

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