Professional guidance

Where can I find information to help with my professional practice, such as information on supervision, duty-of-care, risk management, etc?

The RCSLT has developed a ‘live’ resource applicable to all speech and language therapists (SLTs) called CQ which allows members to meet the HCPC standards of proficiency and the changing needs of the profession.

CQ Live is the successor to CQ3, providing RCSLT guidance and resources to support all RCSLT members in delivering high-quality services wherever they work, and contains information and resources on all areas of professional practice. It can be accessed here.

How do I use CQ Live to help me find the resources I need?

CQ Live is based around the 10 key professional principles which are laid out in the HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics and each section contains resources and scenarios linked to that section. Please see the webinar and user guide which can be accessed here for more information.

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