The historical CPD diary is being decommissioned at the end of September 2019. Please read the below FAQs for more information. Sign into your CPD diary online.

Does the new diary hold all of the activities, goals and documents I logged in my previous diary?

Yes. Some of the information may take a few days to appear, and you can get in touch if you’re worried about any missing data.

Can I continue using the historical CPD diary?

We encourage all members to start using the new CPD diary as soon as possible, as the historical diary will be decommissioned at the end of September 2019. We will be gradually transitioning members to the new diary throughout the year, with the final upload of historical data done in September 2019. At this point any remaining diary entries that haven’t already been migrated across will be transferred to the new RCSLT CPD Diary. Please note this information may take a few days to appear in the new diary.

Does the new diary show the hours of CPD I have completed?

Your CPD hours will appear for the calendar year, e.g. from January 2019 until now.

Does the new diary allow me to print a certificate of my CPD to date?

You will not be able to print off a certificate as per the old diary. However, an exported summary of all CPD diary data will be available to print from the new diary. You will be able to download a list of all your CPD goals and activities and you will be able to see a summary of your total CPD hours and CPD hours by HCPC type in the diary.

These features are replacing the ‘certificate’ feature in the old diary.

Are the goals in the new diary mandatory?

There will be no pre-existing goals for non-NQPs in the new CPD diary. Any goals that are inputted by the member will be based on personal or workplace objectives.

See the RCSLT’s guidance for writing goals section for further information on inputting goals into the CPD Diary.

Will the RCSLT publish more guidance alongside the release of the new diary?

The RCSLT will be publishing ongoing guidance to support the updated CPD diary, including example goals and activities within the diary itself.


Will I be able to see a full description of each goal in the new diary (also called ‘goal background detail)?

Yes, all goal detail will be populated into the new CPD diary for NQPs.

What happens when I have completed all my goals?

The final steps for completing your competencies and transitioning to certified membership with the RCSLT will be as follows:

  • Your supervisor will sign off the final goal/s as competent in the diary.
  • You will then receive a notification from the CPD Diary congratulating you on the completion of the framework and confirming that you will now be moving to certified membership.
  • The RCSLT Membership team will also receive a notification from the diary prompting them to commence your transition to certified membership, including payment and increased insurance levels.
  • The RCSLT Membership team will be in touch once your membership category, fees and levels of insurance are correctly in place for you to commence practising as an autonomous, certified speech and language therapist.

Will I be able to upload attachments and links to support my activities?

Yes, you can upload documents and links to support the completion of your activities. This may be items you want to read, worksheets you found useful, or evidence of completion such as attendance certifications. Your reflections also count as ‘evidence’ of your competency.

Can I still use the offline version of the NQP framework?

If you have already commenced the framework using the 2007 or 2019 offline versions, you are welcome to continue using these versions without transferring your data to the online diary.

If you have not yet commenced the framework, we would encourage you to use the online diary and contact us if you have any questions.

What counts as a completed activity?

The CPD health check will count an activity as completed when the reflections are answered and the activity date is in the past.