Supporting RCSLT members through the crisis

Across the country, RCSLT members are responding to the COVID-19 crisis, bringing their unique professional skills to bear in critical care, rehabilitation and in the maintenance of essential speech and language therapy services for children and adults.
The RCSLT is supporting members’ efforts in a range of ways: for example, by developing guidance on workforce redeployment, protective equipment, telehealth and training.
To enhance our support for you during this time, and to inform our influencing work, we will be conducting a series of member surveys.
We hope you will respond and share your experiences through these voluntary questionnaires. We will aim to keep them as brief as possible and time them to avoid overburdening you.
They will cover:

  • how services are changing in response to the crisis
  • your training needs and how we can help to meet them
  • your wellbeing and how the RCSLT can best support you

Impact on service provision

As part of our work to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the speech and language therapy profession, the individuals it serves and provision of services, the RCSLT has developed a survey to explore how the pandemic has:

  • resulted in changes to the role of speech and language therapists
  • had an impact on individual professionals
  • changed the ways in which services are delivered
  • had an impact on individuals on existing speech and language therapy caseloads

The survey initially ran from 23 April – 29 April 2020, and we are currently analysing the findings. More information about this will be made available to members in due course.

We are interested in monitoring change of the course of the pandemic, and so we are considering repeating this survey in a few weeks.
Should you have any questions, please contact

Training needs during the COVID-19 crisis

We have created a survey to review the training needs in adult settings during the COVID-19 crisis. This will inform work to develop appropriate training resources being undertaken by higher education institution colleagues and the RCSLT.

If you are a manager of an adult speech and language therapy service in the UK, please complete this short 10 minute survey by 6 May 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Gemma Holmes, Professional Development Manager, at