Logging in using 'My details' and joining discussion groups

We have changed the login procedure for the RCSLT website.

You will need to have registered your email address with us. If you have not done so, contact the RCSLT Membership Team with your name, membership number and email address (it is easiest if you email them with your details, from the email address you want to use).

The team will update your member record and this will enable you to access the members’ area of the website.

If you are using your email address but your password does not work, please follow this link: http://www.rcslt.org/account/reset_password 

Enter your email address in to the box on the new screen and press “Send”. We will then send you a new password.

This password should give you access to the members area of the website and your CPD diary.
(Please note that you may not be able to access the CPD diary during the first 24 hours after you have joined).

If you do not receive your password through the ‘Forgot password’ function, please check your email spam folder.


Can I use my old password?

Your old password should work but if it does not, use the ‘Forgot password’ function.


Can I specify my password?


The system will now allow you to set your own passwords.

Members will be able to set their own passwords by:

1. Logging in to the site. As usual, you must have an email address registered with the RCSLT. You can check by emailing membership@rcslt.org. If you have registered an email address but have forgotten your password, please click http://www.rcslt.org/account/reset_password  

2. Click on ‘My details’ at the right hand end of the green bar at the top of the homepage. The ‘My details’ link only appears if and when you are logged in.

3. Selecting “Change password” from within ‘My details’. The option is in both the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and also below the ‘My personal details’ information.

4. You must then enter their chosen password and their old password (twice, for security) and PRESS THE “SAVE” BUTTON. New Password must be at least 6 characters, but not greater than 15 characters long. The password may only contain alphabetic characters and numbers.

5. The password is automatically activated after you have pressed save. You will not be sent an email to confirm the password. 


Using the 'My details' section

We have also provided a useful guide to help you update your information in the 'My details' section. In this section you can update some of your personal information, such as your addresses, detail your publications, and tell us about your interests and specific interest group membership.

Please add as much detail as you can because this will help you to access the new discussion groups.


Join the discussion groups

The RCSLT discussion groups will give you the opportunity to discuss speech and language therapy with other RCSLT members.

Read the guide to help you use the discussion groups.


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