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Strategic group for speech and language therapists working in critical care.

The aim of the group is to improve the profile of SLTs working in critical care nationally, through the review of standards of practice, contribution to national AHP, critical care forums and generation of research ideas. A key principle is that working as a team brings benefits for our patients.

However, our own SLT practices are quite diverse, so this is an opportunity to align our work and have a clear strategy. A core group will oversee the required projects, but involvement of the broader membership is encouraged.

Please use this Basecamp group to share your experiences of working in critical care. We can then collate examples of good practice and explore solutions for problematic areas. Our work will link into the relevant CEN groups, who’ll continue to provide clinical discussions and learning opportunities.

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  • Jackie McRae

  • Aeron Ginnelly

  • Gemma Jones

  • Rebeca Howarth

  • Christina Iezzi

  • Sue McGowan

  • Sarah Wallace

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