Endoscopic Evaluation of the Larynx (EEL) is an instrumental assessment used by SLTs for the assessment and management of Clinical Voice Disorders.

There are two methods of examination for visualising vocal tract structure and function - passing a flexible nasendoscope (digital or fibreoptic) inserted transnasally and passing a rigid endoscope into the pharynx.

RCSLT position paper 

This position paper provides the professional clinical context within which SLTs can practice EEL, and the appropriate procedural protocols that should be observed. The document also provides a structured framework for both the acquisition and the maintenance of the knowledge and skills required.

Speech and language therapy endoscopic evaluation of the larynx for clinical voice disorders.

RCSLT Endoscopy competency framework and training log

This document is a training and competency framework for SLTs who perform endoscopic evaluation of the larynx (EEL) for the purpose of assessing and managing clinical voice disorders.

It is a UK-wide document aimed to cover all situations in which an SLT may perform EEL, and it provides guidance as to the training and levels of competencies required to be able to work at levels 1, 2 and 3 endoscopy practitioner.

Download it either as a Word document or a PDF:

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