Developing a ‘Leadership and local influencing’ learning journey

As part of RCSLT’s leadership brief we are looking for members from across the UK to help develop a learning journey and associated resources on leadership and local influencing.


Aim of this project:

To develop a learning journey and resources to support the existing RCSLT guidance on leadership and local influencing

The project will include:

  • Learning journey elearning 
  • Self-assessment questions 
  • Scenarios

The work is estimated to take place between May 2018 and February 2019Please only apply if you can commit to these deadlines. 

Key stages and timeframes:



By whom


Agree objectives and scope


Learning Authors

RCSLT Learning Journey team

At meeting in June 2018

First draft of self-assessments and scenarios

Learning Authors

June 2018

Review first draft of self-assessments and scenarios

Supporting authors

June – July 2018

Publish self-assessment questions and scenarios on website

RCSLT Learning Journey team

September 2018

Draft of learning journey

Learning authors


June – September 2018

Review of learning journey draft

Supporting authors

October 2018

Publish interactive version of learning journey draft

RCSLT Learning Journey team

September  - November 2018

Peer review


Peer reviewers

November – December 2018

Publish learning journey

RCSLT Learning Journey team

January/February 2019


Opportunities to get involved

We are looking for members from across the UK to fulfil the following roles which all represent great CPD opportunities:

Apply now

To apply, please contact or to request an application form and return it by email - the deadline for applications is 5pm Wednesday 16 May 2018.

If you have any further questions about the roles please contact Paul O’Meara, Project Coordinator: email or telephone 020 7378 3017.


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