The RCSLT is going to be developing a learning journey for non-SLTs on Children and young people’s mental health. Please see our learning journeys page for details about what a learning journey is, and links to existing learning journeys.

The project is due to start in April 2020 and run approximately nine months.




This learning journey will provide professionals working with children and young people with:

  • an overview of what SLTs do in the field of social, emotional and mental health
  • how language difficulties impact on mental health
  • and how the different professions can collaborate to bring better outcomes for children and young people.

Opportunities to get involved


We have roles for a Lead Author, Supporting Authors and members for our project reference group:


Lead Author (paid role):

  • Agree and complete the scope form and work plan, with support from the Supporting Author(s) and RCSLT Project Coordinator.
  • Undertake research, consult with Supporting Authors and prepare draft learning journey using template provided.
  • Review and incorporate feedback from Peer Reviewers to prepare final version, with support from the Supporting Author(s).

Supporting authors (voluntary role):

  • Take part in three to five meetings (face to face or virtual) to discuss and agree the:
    • scope
    • review draft learning journey
    • review consultation feedback from member
    • finalise learning journey
  • Undertake some pre-meeting preparation as required
  • Sign off the final version, alongside the Lead Author, prior to publication

Reference group (voluntary role):


Provide feedback to the author and supporting author during key phases of the project.

Apply or find out more

You can find more about the roles and to apply download the following:

Please return all completed applications to .

Or if you would like to find out more about the project, then please email: