Are you interested in the role that technology and digital health in speech and language therapy?

The RCSLT will be updating its guidance on topics such as apps, telehealth and information governance.


Many of these webpages were developed in 2015/16 and therefore need updating as there continues to be significant advancements in digital health and the use of technology in your profession.

Opportunities to get involved

As part of the discovery phase of this expansive project, we are looking to consult with a small group of speech and language therapists, to help review the current content and agree the best way to approach the update.

Core working group

In the first instance we are looking to establish a core working group to help support this. If you wish to be part of this core working group you should be willing to attend a small workshop in spring 2020, to help define the approach required to update this content.

Project reference group

Those of you who do not attend the workshop will be invited to join a project reference group where your role will be to provide input into the scope of the project. You will also be kept informed about opportunities to contribute to future phases of the work, including reviewing draft content (member and public/non-member) and providing feedback at consultation stages.

If you have an interest/experience in the area of technology or digital health, register your interest by completing this form and returning it to no later than 5pm Wednesday 11 March.