RCSLT Hubs event toolkit


Allows the event contact to provide details on the timing of talks, speaker and the topics they are covering. It is useful for your attendees to enable them to plan the day ahead.

Booking form

Enables the organisers of the event to gain information needed from the attendees prior to the event, including contact details, bank details, and also to provide terms and conditions.


An important element which includes all details needed to complete the event and ensure all areas are covered. It is important to include as much detail as possible to ensure other colleagues know the activities that need to be completed.

Confirmation email

Enables the organiser to give extra information to attendees regarding travel and some event details.

Delegate information

FDor recording delegate information, prior or post event.

Delegate list

Allows organisers to keep track of delegate attendees to the event.

Evaluation form

Allows organisers to monitor comments, complaints and recommendations from events allowing comparisons to improve the service, venue or event agenda.

Query form

Allows attendees to contact organisers and for organisers to monitor frequently asked questions.

Registration form

Keep track of event attendees and who has registered for the event.

Reply slip

Helps the organiser to keep track of number of attendees and enables replies to have the right information needed for the event.

Session selection form

Allows attendees to select which session they would like to attend and the organiser to monitor what events are most popular, numbers for each session and to tailor the event around the attendees.

Speaker form

Enables the organiser to obtain information regarding the speaker and topic to keep on record. It also allows the speaker to inform the organiser what they need in order to conduct their presentation.

Table plans 

To be used at events where seating is organised in advance.

Timeline for events

Assists with event management, activities to consider and how much lead time is required.

Venue checklist

Provided to help organisers to ensure they have arranged all the elements needed on the day to run the event.

Venue function sheet

Includes the basic details of the event such as contact details, set up, and refreshment requirements. To be filled in by the event organiser or the person making the booking.

Speaker information 

Enclosed is all the information required from the speaker and guidelines:

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