The RCSLT have a number of research-related publications to help you develop your evidence-based practice, appraisal and awareness of research opportunities. 

This section introduces you to our key channels we provide for this information including the monthly R&D Forum in your Bulletin, the research newsletter and our journal, the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders.

Don’t forget, we also provide you with access to journals, and publish short reviews of research ‘In the Journals’, in your Bulletin. 

RCSLT Research and Development articles

Research and development forums from RCSLT Bulletin:


Training interventions - Judy Clegg (December 2018)

Prioritising PPI - Lauren Longhurst and Katherine Broomfield (November 2018)

Celebrating success - Yvonne Wren (October 2018)

Harnessing the power of diversity - Katie Chadd (September 2018)

Developing a culture of research and innovation - Helen Wilson (August 2018)

What is a 'clinical academic career' anyway? - Amit Kulkarni and Lotte Meteeyard (July 2018)

Evidence-informed practice in areas with limited research - Amit Kulkarni and Hannah Luff (June 2018)

Prioritising areas for research - Lauren Longhurst and Katie Chadd (May 2018)

Critical appraisal: a worked example (quantitative) - Amit Kulkarni and Gillian Davies (April 2018)

Critical appraisal: a worked example - Amit Kulkarni and Michelle Lawton (March 2018)

Critical appraisal: a key skill - Amit Kulkarni (February 2018)

Introducing Katie Chadd, RCSLT Research Support Officer (January 2018)


Developing quality services - Amit Kulkarni and Lauren Longhurst (August 2017)

Contributing to the evidence base - Dr Rebecca Palmer & Avril Nicoll (July 2017)

Building relationships for research - Dr Helen Stringer & Dr Nicole Lallini (June 2017) bite-sized evidence at your fingertips - Lauren Longhurst (May 2017)

Paving the way to a clinical academic career - Lauren Longhurst (April 2017)

Working together to maximise research impact - Dr Rebecca Palmer (March 2017)

The benefits of doing - Paula McLaughlin (Feb 2017)

The benefits of involvement in research for clinicians - Helen Witts & Dr Rebecca Palmer (Jan 2017)


Together we make a difference - Dr Emma Pagnamenta (Dec 2016)

Clinician and university partnerships: benefits for all - Dr Emma Pagnamenta (Nov 2016)

What a great journey it has been - Victoria Joffe (Oct 2016)

A day to remember - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (Sept 2016)

Making EBP work - Victoria Joffe (Aug 2016)

Valuing knowledge alongside evidence - Victoria Joffe (July 2016)

Let's talk strategy - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (June 2016)

Shining a light on the virtual world - (May 2016)

Embedding research in practice - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (April 2016)

Let’s talk evidence - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (March 2016)

A marathon not a sprint - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (Feb 2016)

What are your research priorities? - Victoria Joffe & Emma Pagnamenta (Jan 2016)


Looking beyond our shores (July 2015)


It's time to stand and act together by Gayle Powell & Disseminating your research messages by V. Joffee and E. Pagnamenta (May 2014)

So good being involved in research (April 2014)

Involving the people that matter: service users, families and carers have an important part to play in all aspects of research (February 2014)

Research driven by clinical practice: examples where clinicians have successfully undertaken research in their area of practice (January 2014)


The 5 step process of Evidence-based practice (January 2013)

Lorna Smart shares her Masters in Clinical Research experience

How to access journal articles and resources to support evidence-based practice (February 2013)

The importance of critical appraisal (March 2013)

How to critically appraise journal articles (including a tool for SLTs) (April 2013)

Embedding the evidence base in practice: from newly qualified SLTs to journal clubs, services and regions (May 2013)

Research in practice: collaboration is the best option (June 2013)

Inspiring examples of research in practice (July 2013)

RCSLT developments in research, and building networks (August 2013)

Moving our evidence-base forward together: what does research mean for SLTs (cover feature) (September 2013)

Every little helps: evidence building opportunities (October 2013)

Where the truth lies: the integrity of research (November 2013)

Keeping it real: methods we use to carry out evaluations (December 2013)


From research aware to research active (May 2010)

From the Research Strategy to practice (June 2010)

What is EBP? (July 2010)

Formulating EBP questions (August 2010)

Searching for evidence (September 2010)

Evaluating the evidence (October 2010)

Changing practice (November 2010)

Evidence-based practice in action (December 2010)

Journals collection

RCSLT members have access to a large collection of journals published by Sage Journals, Taylor & Francis and Springer, as well as the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders (IJLCD). Please see the A-Z list of all titles to access journals directly.  

Research Newsletters

The RCSLT now produces a bimonthly research newsletter. It provides a short summary of new resources to support evidence-based practice and research, latest research in speech and language therapy, information on research developments and events, funding opportunities and web links.

RCSLT research newsletters

Email Lauren Longhurst if you'd like to subscribe to the RCSLT Research newsletter or would like to submit an item.

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International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders

The International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders is the RCSLT’s peer reviewed bi-monthly journal featuring a selection of the latest quality research in speech and language therapy.

Member’s get early-view access and can manage article alerts. You can also download the app for free. To access the journal, select it from the A-Z lists here