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Research Under the Spotlight

This course takes you through the process of breaking down research articles and shows you how to decide whether it’s worth your time reading the whole paper. With top tips from experts and self-assessment quizzes, it’s a quick way to develop your confidence in understanding research and signposts you to even more resources to develop your skills further.





RCSLT Evidence-based clinical decision-making tool

Our interactive Evidence-based clinical decision-making tool is now available to support SLTs at all stages of their careers.

The tool provides a step-by-step guide to the clinical decision-making process, taking you from assessment through to the selection and evaluation of interventions f

Find out more about RCSLT Evidence-based clinical decision making tool or individual clients.

Launch page RCSLT Evidence-based clinical decision making tool


An Introduction to EBP for busy clinicians

Our short e-learning tutorial guides you through what EBP is, the five-step process, types of evidence and examples from everyday practice.

SLTs who are at an early stage in EBP/research or would like a refresher in methodology/ critical appraisal will find this tool particularly useful.

Launch page - An introduction to EBP for busy clinicians


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