Prospective students for 2018/19

Students applying for both undergraduate and post-graduate pre-registration courses will be able to apply to the student loan company for a student loan.

In relation to post-graduate pre-registration courses students who have already taken out a student loan will still be access another loan to study these courses. This is not the standard postgraduate student loan but the same loan as that accessed by undergraduate students to cover tuition fees and support living costs.

Further information on both routes can be found in the guides below including information about support for living costs, childcare and placements.

Undergraduate students who started in 2017

The financial support available for undergraduate students taking approved courses in speech and language therapy changed from 1st August 2017 in England. Students now apply for a student loan rather than receive an NHS bursary. There is also other funding support available for students with child dependants and support for excess travel and dual accommodation expenses in relation to attending placements. Further information is in the guides below.

Undergraduate students who started in 2016 or earlier and post-graduate students who started in 2017 or earlier

A guide to is available and details the support you can get if you attend a health professional course in England.

Useful guides


From September 2018, the Welsh NHS bursary will only be available for students studying in Wales who have committed to work in Wales for 2 years on completion of their course. The NHS Welsh Bursary Scheme is provided by Student Awards Services.  In addition to tuition fees, the NHS Wales bursary scheme includes:

  • a bursary for living costs, including;
    • a £1,000 non means tested grant;
    • a means tested bursary;
    • students are also supported for costs such as travel, accommodation (whilst on placement), Childcare, Disabled Student Allowance, Dependents Allowance and Parental Learning Allowance; 
  • if eligible, students will have access to a reduced student loan (subject to Student Loans Company Regulations).
The bursary scheme for EU nationals includes the provision of tuition fees only for those committing to work in Wales for at least two years. Students have to meet all other costs associated with studying in Wales. EU nationals that have been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the course are eligible to the same package of support as UK nationals.

Individuals who do not feel they can commit to this specified period of employment will not be eligible to receive the benefits of the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme; however they will still be able to study in Wales and will be able to access the following support:
  • Welsh domiciled students, who do not wish to commit to work in Wales on completion of their course, will have access to the standard student support package available from Student Finance Wales. 

Prospective students will be informed by the university when they accept a place on the course to visit the NWSSP Student Awards Service website (on the Welsh Health Education Registration System section) where they will be asked to confirm electronically and in writing their commitment to work in Wales on completion of their course. This will then enable students to apply for the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme.

Those students that do not wish to commit to work in Wales on completion of the course will also need to register on the Welsh Health Education Registration System and confirm this decision. 


The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services has indicated that the bursary will also be available for this year.

For further information, please see and the NHS (Wales) Student Awards Unit Tel: 029 2026 1495.

Northern Ireland

For students who have lived in Northern Ireland for the last three years, the Department of Health in Northern Ireland will pay tuition fees directly to the university.

Students can apply for an income-assessed bursary to help with living costs and may also be eligible to apply for a reduced rate non-income assessed loan.

Students from EU countries who are ordinarily resident and studying in Northern Ireland may also qualify for financial support. The amount of bursary available to students will depend on an individual and family's income.

For further information contact NI Direct on 028 902 577 77 or visit: ireland


For information contact the Student Awards Agency for Scotland Tel: 0300 555 0505

Useful guides