Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent student funding changes survey. We’ve now had a chance to analyse the results and your feedback has strongly highlighted concerns regarding the affordability of speech and language therapy courses in the future. Many of you think the changes could be detrimental to mature students and students from disadvantaged background who may struggle to afford SLT courses.

While you were completing the survey we were also talking to members that run SLT university courses. They gave us their views on the changes to student funding and shared similar student survey results with us.

Additional issues raised by members include:

  • Funding for postgraduate courses: many of you are concerned that changes could affect the diversity and access to postgraduate routes of study, which could have a wider impact on research within the profession.
  • Placement funding and capacity: some have stressed the need to build capacity to deal with increased demand for placements under the new student funding system.
  • Workforce planning and intelligence: you want clarity on how things will work under the new system and for the RCSLT to provide support to universities during this time of transition.

What are the next steps?

We will:

  • Reflect your concerns in our response to the Government’s upcoming consultation on this topic. We expect this to be launched in later this month. Continue to raise these issues with civil servants who are developing the detail of this policy.
  • Discuss with the RCSLT’s Board of Trustees how we will provide additional support to our members during this time of transition.