RCSLT and Parkinson’s UK webinar: Giving Voice to people affected by Parkinson’s

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
1.00 – 1.45pm

Are you a professional working with people affected by Parkinson’s, or someone affected by Parkinson’s themselves?
The RCSLT and Parkinson’s UK joint webinar highlighted the vital role that speech and language therapy plays in supporting people affected by Parkinson's.

The webinar also highlighted the wealth of information, resources, and networks that are available for SLTs and other professionals who support people affected by Parkinson’s.

The webinar was chaired by Derek Munn, RCSLT’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs.


Nick Miller, Professor of Motor Speech Disorders, Newcastle University.
Clare Worrall-Hill, Professional Engagement Manager, Parkinson’s UK.

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Aims and objectives:

After the webinar participants were familiar with:

  • How speech and language therapy can support people affected by Parkinson’s.
  • The UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network, and the support it offers professionals.
  • The support the RCSLT offers its members, including its relevant networks.

RCSLT’s webinar guide for delegates - for more information on participating in a webinar, and technical requirements.