13th December 2017

13.00 – 13.45

Have you heard of inclusive communication? Inclusive communication seeks to create supportive and effective communication environments, using every available means of communication possible to aid understanding and expression of need and choice. This includes spoken language, written language and all forms of non-verbal communication.

Inclusive communication is vital to equality of access to services, person-centred care and increased participation and social interaction, and speech and language therapists are key players in promoting communication inclusion.

This webinar featured SLTs with substantial experience speaking about how to implement good inclusive practices in the organisations and communities you work in. Derek Munn, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the RCSLT, chaired the webinar. He was joined by the following presenters to discuss the RCSLT’s work around inclusive communication and practical ways of implementing and promoting inclusive communication strategies:

  • Della Money, Deputy Chair, RCSLT Board of Trustees; Head of Service, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; and East Midlands Hub Member
  • Kim Hartley Kean, Head of Scotland Office, RCSLT
  • Amanda Bennett, Project Manager

Learning objectives

At the end of the webinar, it was hoped that attendees would:

  • Have some strategies for embedding and promoting inclusive communication, through hearing examples from others.
  • Feel a sense of ownership and excitement about inclusive communication work.
  • Know about the RCSLT’s plans for inclusive communication.
  • Be aware of the key points of the RCSLT inclusive communication position paper.

Participants had the opportunity to submit questions on this topic to our speakers before and during the webinar.

Places were limited and the webinar content currently cannot be viewed on mobile devices.