RCSLT Conference 2017 Speech and Language Therapy: MAXIMISING IMPACT
Presentations from the conference Wednesday 27 September AM

Please note that availability is subject to authors' consent. An * means that the presentation will not be available to view online at any stage.

Parallel session 1: Creating and using evidence
Sound Start Study: A community-based randomised controlled trial of Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter.
Presented by Dr Yvonne Wren and Professor Sharynne McLeod

Evidence-based practice and research engagement from YOUR perspective: Exploring SLTs’ understanding and use of research and evidence-based practice in routine clinical work in the UK.
Presented by Professor Victoria Joffe, Jo Wallinger, Dr Emma Pagnamenta and Sai Prasanna Bangera

Parallel session 2: Equality and diversity
Group voice and communication therapy for trans individuals: The reciprocal benefits of involving student volunteers in delivering care.*
Presented by Dr Sean Pert

Refugee survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) with communication disabilities in Rwanda
Presented by Dr Julie Marshall and Helen Barrett

Parents as agents of change: Empowering parents to reduce impoverished language in disadvantaged communities.
Presented by Caspian Jamie

Parallel session 3: Stammering
Stuttering and the COM-B model: Exploring parents' views of post-treatment changes in participation.

Presented by Kevin Fower

Addressing social anxiety in adults who stutter: The MOSAICS study*.
Presented by Dr Jan McAllister

Parallel session 4: Voice
Reliability of GRBAS evaluation of voice quality in children who have a history of airway reconstruction surgery and how this compares to parental report of voice-related quality of life.
Presented by Dr Wendy Cohen and Susie Lloyd et al.

Does time of day matter for voice assessment? Clinical implications of longitudinal fluctuations in voice parameters
Presented by Professor Janet Beck et al.

Acoustic, respiratory, cognitive and wellbeing comparisons of two groups of people with Parkinson’s disease receiving voice and choral singing group therapy or music appreciation activity: A work in progress*.
Presented by Robin Matthews

Parallel session 5: Dementia
The VOICE Study: Developing and testing an evidence based communication skills training intervention for healthcare professionals caring for people with dementia in the hospital setting*.
Presented by Rebecca O’Brien

Collaboratively reducing stress and distress in people with dementia.
Presented by Helen Moores Poole and Helen Fletcher

Parallel session 6: AAC
"Helpful to do it together": Ensuring teams are equipped to support people who use AAC
Presented by Laura Renfrew

Communication effectiveness using AAC: What is it? And how do we know if we have achieved it?

Presented by Deborah Jans

Parallel session 7: Workshop
What is the decision-making process for SLTs in deciding to feed infants on high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy?

Presented by Rebecca Murphy

Parallel session 8
RCSLT Outcomes Project.
Presented by Kamini Gadhok MBE and Kathryn Moyse

Parallel session 9
Research impact: Using research evidence to influence decision makers.
Presented by Dr Rebecca Palmer, Professor James Law, Professor Marian Brady, Bryony Simpson and Derek Munn