The RCSLT has been in discussions with Professor Charles Hulme of the University of Oxford who has led the development and evaluation of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI).

The Reception NELI programme involves scripted small-group language activities and individual support sessions delivered by trained teaching assistants (TAs), or early years educators, to five children identified as being in need of targeted language support.

With funding from the Department for Education (DfE), this programme is now being developed into an e-learning online training package which is being rolled out to 5,000 schools in areas of social disadvantage in England, as part of the Government’s catch up programme for children whose development has been affected by COVID-19. Elklan are supporting development of the e-learning package.

We are aware that many speech and language therapy services may have already developed education and training resources for schools. NELI should not replace this. NELI is a specific intervention for pupils in reception. Practitioners in schools will still benefit from broader based CPD.

To find out more about NELI:

Watch this quick video of NELI in action

Children are selected to receive NELI, and their progress is monitored, using the newly developed LanguageScreen app that assesses children’s oral language skills.

Watch this lecture from Professor Charles Hulme for more detailed information on both NELI and LanguageScreen.

For more information about the DfE/EEF offer visit their website.

For information about the EEF trial results.

To register interest use the online form – the deadline is 30 October

For links to other key papers and information

Contact schools

If appropriate, contact your local schools to encourage them to get involved and discuss how the local speech and language therapy service can provide support to complement this resource.

Supporting schools

Elklan will be posting a short video overview of NELI on their website specifically for speech and language therapists. For additional training to equip you to support schools visit the Elkan website.

NELI in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The DfE/NELI offer is only available to schools in England

Elklan will continue to offer online and where possible face-to-face training to schools in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland visit the website for more details

Elklan will be posting a 10 minute overview of NELI on their website.