Over the past week we’ve been working with RCSLT members and other organisations to further our diversity and anti-racism work. 

Read our 4 June Black Lives Matter Statement and 15 July diversity update for more information on the RCSLT’s diversity and anti-racism work so far in 2020.

CAHPO meeting

On 20 July the RCSLT's Kamini Gadhok, Judith Broll and Irma Donaldson and representatives from other AHP professional bodies attended a meeting with the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) and her team to discuss priorities to deliver system change within the NHS in the context of diversity and anti-racism. 
The RCSLT raised a number of issues, including the need to identify key stakeholders and where accountability sits (e.g. with NHSE, HEE, CQC, professional bodies, unions). Areas for action include:

Culture and behaviour change within local NHS organisations

  • Recruiting leaders based on values and behaviour, and tackling current poor leadership
  • Ensuring HR processes and procedures are actively anti-racist
  • Education and training all staff to improve knowledge, skills and behaviour; ensure staff feel empowered and accepted; and tackling micro-aggressions

Care and delivery of appropriate services to meet needs of diverse communities 

  • The role of commissioners in understanding the demographics of local populations and commissioning services to meet needs
  • The role of service managers in reviewing and adapting models of care to be appropriate and remove barriers to access  with appropriate skills mix (including interpreters, bilingual support workers)
  • Individual responsibility in delivering appropriate care and implications for education and training

Recruitment, career progression and retention

  • Removing barriers to access to those NHS professions that are under-represented by BAME communities
  • Data on ethnicity in the workforce and across the career pathway
  • Examine recruitment processes and development opportunities for career progression 

The RCSLT will be following up with NHS England to raise additional areas not covered in the meeting and how we can work together. We will also follow up through conversations with members to identify what more we can do as the RCSLT, and where we need to influence to effect real change. 

BAME leadership grant

We would encourage any interested Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) members to apply for the Business of Healthcare scholarship programme, created to support BAME healthcare professionals in pursuing their leadership careers.

Anti-racism online forum

The RCSLT’s anti-racism online forum for all members is now live.
To make sure it’s a useful and engaging space, we’d like to work with you to agree how best to manage the forum and plan the content and discussions you’d like to have within it.
Please email if you would like to join a discussion about this, and potentially volunteer to be a forum moderator and/or help to plan forum content.