Be part of the BBC’s Tiny Happy People campaign 

You may have heard that the RCSLT is working closely with the BBC on its new language and literacy campaign Tiny Happy People, which aims to halve the language gap among children below the age of five across the UK. At the heart of the plan is a simple behaviour change – getting parents to talk to their children from a very early age. 

The first year of the campaign will focus on pregnancy to 12 months and the following four years will take each subsequent year of the child’s life.

The BBC has asked for help in finding stories of transformation or where speech and language learning with young children has had a powerful impact. In particular, it is keen to hear stories which demonstrate how speech and language development of a child has transformed their parents’/families’ lives. 

For instance, it might be the story of a mum who’s suffered from post-natal depression and discovers how singing with her baby changed her relationship. Or parents who have had children removed from the family home but, through a focus on speech and language, have discovered the way to bond with their children and transformed their lives. Or it might be the story of an SLT practitioner who has helped to transform the lives of families with young children.

If you are an SLT working with children under the age of five and have a story tell or know someone who is willing to share their story with the BBC, please get in touch with the RCSLT’s PR team by contacting us with brief details (max 250 words), by Thursday, 12 September 2019. 

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.