Fiona Petrie

Fiona Petrie

Fiona is a 23 year old adult with developmental language disorder and dyspraxia who is currently living in Dunfermline, Fife. She has graduated college with a National Certificate in Applied Science along with some modules of a Higher National Certificate in Biomedical Science (Applied Science).


Fiona is now working as a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation at their furniture and electrical store in Dunfermline, as well as regularly attending a karate class. She strives to do the best in any subject that she is passionate about, such as Tweeting about things that are important to her. 

Fiona’s current activities includes:

  • Focusing on creating, editing and uploading good quality videos on YouTube.
  • Writing blogs, Tweets and post about the things she is passionate about in life.
  • Uploading photos that are interesting to those who are interested.




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